Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lentil Love

Even though it is technically summer here in England, we have dark and cloudy days that call for a soup.  I have recently discovered this simple lentil dish that the longer you cook the better it gets.  And of course lentils are awesome for your fiber intake and I am sure other good shit too.

Here I used a shallot in addition to my regular onion, because I only had one onion
Saute in olive oil of course
I had some green chili on hand so I threw these in too, but if you have jalapeno or something else try this too
This is the secret to make the lentils taste "meaty" my husband doesn't know I add this, but he loves this dish if he knew he would say he doesn't like it because the soy sauce is not an Italian ingredient....stronzo
After you cook down your veg add a tin of diced tomatoes and broth along with the lentils and bring to a boil
You then put the pot on simmer and can leave it there for like six hours, but rule of thumb to is cook for at least two
My end result is more like a stew, so if you are after  a proper soup add more broth...simple!  But simple is always best!

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