Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bar Apuan

This bar is in Massa, Tuscany

We took a long weekend and escaped to Italy.  One of my favorite things to do in Italy is to go out and have colazione, (breakfast.)  This means a coffee and a pastry, basically.  I always order a cappuccino (as this is the time of the day to do so) and whatever pastry turns my head that day.  It is great to sit and enjoy the moment...il dolce far niente.

Colazione for the day, cappuccino and pasta con mele 
Beautiful array of pasta (pastries)
Crostata selection
Construction going on at the Piazza degli Aranchi, see how it used to look here: http://www.americanina.com/2011/11/sapori-dautunno.html

Elena the cat sleeping
Gelato in the fall, I know you wouldn't think one would be in the mood, but this is so good you are always in the mood 
Gigante crostata!

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