Monday, November 7, 2011

Sapori d'Autunno

I saw the postings for this fair in Massa earlier this week and was really excited to go.  Since it has been raining quite regularly this week, the turnout of vendors and businesses was less then expected, but still fruitful for me!  I was able to try numerous local food products and it was nice to see all the Italians out and about.

The Piazza degli Aranci, the sister of Napoleon had these orange trees planted here
A meat and cheese stand.... I purchased a pecora (sheep) cheese with pistachios in it
While I love Vermentino, I had not yet tried Acinodorato (white wine made from grapes grown in the Massa hills)
Chunks of "Lardo" (pig fat)...this is sliced extremely thin like prosciutto and eaten on bread,  Lardo di Colonnato is world famous
The candy stand!
Croccante with peanuts, (similar would be a brittle)
A large rotating "caldron" (for lack of a better term) with a fire underneath that roasts the peanuts
Croccante made with pine nuts, good but not as good as the original
I really loved the peanut croccante, as the peanuts are roasted first and then covered with rich syrup

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