Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Banana Bread

Mash 2-3 ripe bananas...tip if you have some wax paper tear a piece and fold around the bananas for easy clean up

Banana a slice of this with a glass of milk!  I tried this recipe because of the new twist on banana bread.....dark chocolate.  Basically you could use the recipe you already have for banana bread (and you know you have one hidden away somewhere or just ask your mom for one,) and add bits of dark chocolate or even semi-sweet chocolate chips.  I even find I can eat a slice of this for breakfast as the chocolate marries well with a cup of coffee.

I prefer to cut up a dark chocolate bar as opposed to using chocolate chips due to variation in size, sometimes you get a big bite of chocolate other times just a hint, lovely!

Ahhh our transformer, never thought I would say I loved having one of these in my kitchen, but due to our recent relocation from the US to the UK this makes all my appliances dual voltage
Creamed butter and sugar
Adding the bananas, vanilla and a bit of sour cream to keep the cake moist

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