Thursday, April 5, 2012

Afternoon Tea

While in London with my 'Mum,' we stopped for high tea at Fortnum & Mason.  It was such a lovely experience I would recommend it to anyone visiting London (especially with their mom, sister or friends.)  Fortnum & Mason have been selling teas in London since the 1700's, so this is a very established place.  We had a tasting of different teas from light and floral jasmine to the more traditional tasting darjeeling.  Funny tea tasting is much like wine tasting where you sip, take in air, slosh it about your mouth and then swallow.  And of course do not put sugar in before tasting, as this will cover all the nuanced flavors.  Selecting the tea we wanted to drink was difficult as the tea room (recently renovated and renamed in honor of the Queen's Jubilee this year,) offered like 170 different teas.  We selected afternoon tea with sandwiches and tea cakes, but you could select a high tea menu that was more like meal.  Even with just the tea sandwiches and cakes we were quite full.  As I continue to live in England I do find there is a big difference in teas and my palette continues to grow more and more discerning!

Entrance to Fortnum & Mason

Inside as you enter from the street, this was Good Friday so it was busy with people buying for the Easter holiday
Here you might make out the difference between Afternoon tea and High tea

The distinctive teal color used as the accent is stunning
Sandwiches and cakes (more of what I would call a biscuit)
Delicious and beautiful sweets!
The sterling silver tea strainer

All the packaging is so lovely, and so much more then just tea is sold here

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