Thursday, March 1, 2012

Edge Hill

Beautiful views of several neighboring counties in Warwickshire
At the first indication spring may be arriving, my husband and I decided to visit a pub in Edge Hill.  This particular pub is special because it overlooks the valley where the first battle in the English civil war was fought.  As I live here longer, I begin to get a better since of what history means and what constitutes "old."  

The Castle Inn Pub was completed in 1750, the octagonal tower marks the spot where King Charles first summoned his officers for civil war
Cider is not considered a 'weak' alternative to beer here, (it generally has more alcohol content.)  Scrumping actually refers to the activity of going around the countryside looking for apples (i.e. stealing them) to make cider!

Our dog Luna enjoying a bit of rare sunshine
I loved all the different sauces here, you have the usuals like mustard and ketchup, but you also have "brown sauce" aka HP
What pub meal is complete without chips?

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