Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cipollini Agro Dolce

This tasty side dish was served for our Christmas lunch, (Buono Natale .)  As promised here is the quick and easy recipe.  Agro Dolce means literally sour and sweet.  You could cook really any vegetable in this manner, (for example carrots are quite good cooked agro dolce.)

In Italy you can purchase the tiny onions already peeled, (which is awesome because peeling them is quite a bit of work.)  Add a bay leaf and a few whole cloves with the onions in your pot, (along with some olive oil of course.)  Remember to remove the bay leaf and cloves before serving!
You can buy acgro dolce as a condiment in Italy, but you can recreate this by using white balsamic vinegar (or regular) along with some sugar.)
Sweat out your onions initially on low heat with a cover
After a few minutes of cooking add some salt and your agro dolce condiment, continue to cook 
Some browning should start to occur, once this happens lower the heat a little and cover and leave it for a while
You want your onions to become almost caramelized, so keep cooking until they are soft and brown enough

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