Sunday, November 18, 2012

Winter Pimm's

As the days move closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas time I am starting to want tastes that remind me of these times, pumpkin pie, turkey, corn bread stuffing, mulled wine, etc.  Lucky for me that I heard of this spirit at work and went straight out to the store to purchase some for my household and to bring to my family in America for Thanksgiving.  I made this drink as I was boiling my halloween pumpkin in order to make pumpkin pie later.  It was the perfect partner, and rather relaxed me.  Winter Pimm's is similar to the normal version where you mix it with a juice (in this case with apple juice,) with the exception you drink it warmed.  You can add bits of orange, apple, cinnamon stick and cloves, really whatever suits your taste.

A snapshot of my Winter Pimm's warming on the stove.
There is quite a bit of information regarding the history of Pimm's on the web, I rather enjoyed this blog's information: Recreating the long lost Pimm's cup

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