Sunday, September 23, 2012

100% Design

Paddington station is lovely as it is above ground, so the platform feels fresh and light

The last time I attended this design exhibition I had to fly over the Atlantic Ocean.  Two years later I only had to hop on the train for an hour or so and then catch the underground.  100% Design while not extremely groundbreaking, helps one to understand what trends have hit the mainstream and have staying power.

The Earls Court exhibition center entrance
Upon entering the show you pass through this lit corridor 
An overhead view of a portion of the show, while not a huge exhibition this makes it easier to navigate and see everything
These wall hangings were made out of a felt material....lots of wool blends and felt seen this year
Stainless steel that has either been lasered or chemically etched, they would not reveal 
Mercedes was a main sponsor of this event
Lamps made of plastic and the gold accent
A beautiful display of wood veneers
This artwork was displayed in the bathroom/kitchen area, maybe milled out of a Corian type material

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