Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ugly Can Be Good

I have to say Coca-Cola here in England just tastes different....maybe not quite as much sugar as in the US?

This cake is ugly, not pretty, but so the taste is so wonderful, so addictive it cannot be described in words. One can only truly understand after they have eaten a piece of this cake warm, almost immediately out of the oven.  Which as we all know cakes are generally not consumed or frosted immediately out of the oven.  This cake defies all rules of baking and food combinations as it uses, butter (Hello!  Lots of it!) coca-cola and cocoa.  I found the recipe on Pintrest via followed it to the letter and it was great....maybe leave out the cinnamon next time, but that would just be for my picky husband, who only eats a bite of something like this anyway, because Italians don't trust butter....(but give them anything with olive oil on it and they are happy.)  I brought the remainder of this cake to work and the British liked it too.  I would really recommend consuming right after it is made because that is when it is best.  So maybe for a large gathering or a late night purge for yourself watching Sex and the City reruns :)

Dry ingredients for cake

Yes, you actually use Coca-Cola no lie

Heating wet ingredients for cake on stove, buttermilk, coke and cocoa powder

Now it's Paula Deen time!

Mixing wet ingredients with dry

After mixing and adding are ready to pour into pan

This cake only takes about 30 minutes to bake, so cravings can be satisfied almost immediately

Making glaze....again Paula Deen time!

Finished glaze

Cake out of oven

Cake with glaze (which you pour over hot-out-of-oven cake)

Consume right away, this cake is like a Krispy Kreme donut, ok later but best when hot off the line!

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